Welcome to V8 SPAs & MEGASPA Australia 


MEGASPA Australia can create a relaxed environment for your balanced living.

MEGASPA Australia is devoted to creating quality Spas, SwimSpas or PlungeSpas with innovative designs.

Only the best equipment and technology is used in the creation of a MEGASPA.

MEGASPA Australia can bring a better massage and relaxation experience to you. 

The jet configurations have been thoughtfully placed to give the ultimate therapeutic massage to varying parts of the body – swirling, pulsating, streaming and penetrating.  Jet layouts can be installed to meet your individual needs. 

From Basic layout for Fun & socialising or to full hydrotherapy specifications.

A spa or swimspa can be a great investment that benefits your health & lifestyle.

a work of art to put in your home or in your garden.

Beautiful designs & styling that make them an eye-catching feature to your home.